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We are very fortunate to have a fantastic team, committed to techsophy vision. We empower our employees to push boundaries and discover creative potential beyond day-to-day tasks. We are relentlessly focused on developing fair and objective hiring practices , striving to build a diverse and inclusive culture based on a foundation of respect and inclusion. We value diversity and encourage people from all backgrounds and experiences to apply to join our team and to help broaden our perspectives in everything we do. Inclusion is a cultural value that starts with our leadership, inspires, and informs all our employees. If you share our passion, we invite you to check out our current job openings and find out how you can join our team

Open Positions

Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation, uses Digital Technologies to optimize automated processes, enabling Digital Transformation. Objectives include enhanced customer or end-user experience, catering to the human elements of the interaction by keeping processes up to date and making the information available to anyone who needs it. Digital Process Automation focuses on Mobile-first interfaces, Process transparency, Offloading customer tasks to automation, Triggered reminders and notifications, Easy collaboration, Rapid user response and adaptation.

Task Learning, Process learning, Need, Issues, Error Identification -ROI Calculator


Business Process Automation RPA (Task Automation, systems integration) enhance Customer Experience


Conversational AI agents to enhance self service using social and digital networks.


AI & ML avoid/ reduce errors self heal, self correct and self enhance.


New Gen Virtual Bank,
Hong Kong
Travel Logistics Company,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Emerging Online Platform
for Accountancy, Netherlands.
Global Quality in Assurance,
Advisory & Tax Services company, India.
Business Employment -
oriented online service,
Enterprise Financial Services Group, India.
Leading research & archival institution, UAE.
Marketplace / exchange for the infrastructure industry, India.
Multinational Company providing energy & Automation digital solns for efficiency & sustainability.
Multinational Computer Technology company, America.
Multinational electrical Measurement, Control & Information engineering company, Japan.

Service Experience Platform

Moving the AI modules from a black-box approach to a glass-box approach, to make it simpler to use AI modules and to deliver more business value. Making AI modules more transparent and easily configurable so that the enterprise users (or business users) can quickly understand and easily configure and customize the AI modules according to their requirements. SXP has been driven by Automation and AI/ML from the very start, to bring added value to enterprises and their customers beyond what Bot Frameworks or CPaaS frameworks or DXPs (Digital Experience Platforms) can E.g. Recommendation System, Intent Classification at lifecycle level (to guide user to the appropriate service), FAQs, Dynamic Journeys based on User Profile and Preferences (derived from user’s activity data using AI/ML), and more.