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Our Innovations

Introducing the Techsophy Xceleration Platform

A holistic response to the multifaceted challenge faced by modern enterprises in the ever-evolving landscape of application development.

A Code Health And
SEcurity Solution

Chase is your ally in navigating the
complexities of modernizing applications
efficiently and securely

An Innovative approach to Optimize
and enhance operational efficiency

Join us as we revolutionize Operations management, providing a secure, efficient, and compliant solution that optimizes processes and drives superior outcomes.


Techsophy Solutions are crafted to enhance the well-being of individuals through the power of technology.

Our focus encompasses areas such as physiological, financial, cyber, and mental health.

We specialize in developing enterprise applications that enrich lives and create a better environment

A HealthTech Solution that Empowers Healthcare Providers to Monitor and Control Operations through Integration of Devices, Care Protocols, People, and Processes.
An EduTech Solution for Passionate Individuals who want to upgradethemselves in Insurance, Reinsurance, and Risk
An InsureTech Solution that Empowers Individuals, Families, and Businesses by Providing Financial Security through

A Comprehensive Security Solution For Your Web Applications, protect your digital applications from diverse set of threats and attacks


Techsophy’s IT capabilities include Product Engineering, and Custom Development in the areas of Web, Mobile, and BPM applications.

We leverage our accelerator platform (TXP) to expedite development with ready to go frameworks and accelerators.

Cloud Native App Development
& App Modernization

Techsophy offers App Modernization services through Cloud Migration and rebuilding Cloud Native App development services. We specialize in Micro services architecture and DevSecOps implementation.

We differentiate the service delivery through our Techsophy IPs and accelerators. We have expertise in delivering Hybrid cloud solutions using AWS, Azure and GCP

Cyber Security &
DevSecOps Engineering

TechSophy offers Cyber Security and DevSecOps services to our customers across various industries.

Our IPs and Infra as Code capabilities can bring huge value to your
security needs and DevSec Operations.

Our Digital Consulting services can help you in various phases of Business Strategy implementation. 

Our Digital Consulting services can help you in various phases of Business Strategy implementation. Our expertise in the area of BPM, Web, Mobile and Cloud Solutions can be of great value for your Journey.


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Khaled Ahmad Abdullah

I would like to appreciate and thanks for your good efforts and support for seamless and error free migration of Cordys to new data center.

Gerwin Ligtenberg

I would like to thank you for the superb sprint 21 that you have delivered. The demo was great; well prepared. I have enjoyed it. My compliments.
It is great to see the BMS system evolving. Unfortunately, we still face that KvK issue. Once it is resolved, the demo’s will be even better and then we can test the data migration feature developed by the DevNL team.

Anubhav Kadyan

I would like to appreciate and thanks for your good efforts and support for seamless and error free migration of Cordys to new data center.

Our Clients

We’ve partnered with industry leaders to deliver exceptional digital solutions.

Latest Research & Blogs

Innovation is at the core of Techsophy’s mission. We work closely with universities and domain specialists to cultivate new
ideas, driving us toward innovative solutions.”

Predicting severity of dengue using simple AI model

Dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever, mosquito-borne diseases prevalent in Southeast Asia, are the focus of this white paper on AI-driven severity assessment for reducing fatality


Knowledge Companion

Your insurance knowledge companion with a conversational twist. Say goodbye to endless document searches and start engaging in natural dialogues for quick, accurate answers"

Handling Medical Emergency with
Command Center Approach

Our state-of-the-art Remote ICU manages geographically dispersed patients, raising smart alerts, and providing real-time view with personalized care advice, with the ability to generate medication, laboratory, and surgical orders.